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5 Ways to Help Control Mosquitoes Around Your Business


The last thing you want is for your customers and employees to be uncomfortable outdoors as they swat away pesky mosquitoes to avoid the wrath of their bites. If you’re tired of fighting mosquitoes each year, you need effective pest control solutions to help control them around your commercial property before the weather warms up.

Fortunately, you can follow several best practices to help avoid the long mosquito days of summer.

5 Best Practices to Help Reduce a Mosquito Population

  1. Eliminate sources of standing water. Because mosquitoes need water for the first three stages of their lifecycle, locating and removing excess moisture and water is one of the best ways to deter mosquitoes from your property. Keep an eye out for these areas that serve as prime breeding grounds for mosquitoes, and practice these water source reduction tips:

    • Keep drainage areas clear and clean out gutters regularly.

    • Survey your property for pooling water. Even flat roofs and parking can cause an issue if left unchecked.

    • Resolve other types of drainage issues immediately if they are present.

  2. Maintain landscaping to reduce shaded areas and hiding spots. This is known as habitat modification. Dark, humid areas caused by overgrown shrubbery are ideal environments for adult mosquitoes. Thinning out heavy vegetation and trimming bushes and branches in highly frequented areas will help eliminate sources of shelter for mosquitoes.

  3. Remove debris from property grounds, including any trash that might add shade, increase moisture retention, or serve as an artificial breeding ground for mosquitoes.

  4. Install gutter guards, if needed, to help prevent standing water and debris buildup that can attract mosquitoes.

  5. Keep swimming pools treated and water circulating in water features. While these amenities often have big benefits for your outdoor space, they are also inviting to mosquitoes if not properly maintained.

Professional Mosquito Control for Your Business

Between deterring your customers, to carrying diseases and interrupting employee operations, you have many reasons to keep mosquitoes away from your business. With a comprehensive suite of professional mosquito control options, our Orkin Pros™ can identify the type of mosquitoes present, potential risk factors you may have overlooked and the right commercial mosquito service for your needs, from targeted treatment plans to environmentally conscious options.

For more information on mosquitoes and how to get your property in tip-top shape this season, check out our new ebook, “Mosquitoes 101: Your Complete Guide to Mosquito Control for Your Business.” Learn more about our mosquito services and product offerings or schedule a free inspection today.

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