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3 Common Pests to Keep Out of Your Business This Spring

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Spring is here, and so are the pests eager to infiltrate your business. From tiny invaders seeking refuge from the cold to opportunistic critters taking advantage of newfound warmth, springtime kicks off pest season and presents a prime opportunity for various pests to emerge and thrive. Read on to learn about the most common pests that tend to make their presence known as the temperatures rise, and effective strategies for keeping them out of your business operations.

3 Pests to Watch Out for In Your Facility This Spring

  1. Termites: Racking up a bill of $5 billion in damages annually to homes and businesses, termites can take a big bite out of your profits. Termites are foragers that band together and search for wood as meals for their colony, branching out to every appealing area of your business to consume cellulose found in materials like flooring and cardboard.

    Tips for Handling Termites:

    • Eliminate termite food sources by removing scrap wood and tree debris.

    • Prevent and reduce excess moisture from sites like pipes, basements and gutters.

    • Inspect desks, fences and the foundation of your residence.

    • Avoid wood-to-soil contact by leaving a gap under fencing and storing lumber away from your property.

  2. Ants: Don’t underestimate these insects. Ants are capable of traveling long distances, so there’s not much stopping them from sifting through your facility. Worldwide invaders, these small but mighty bugs outnumber humans 14,000 to 1, and they’re experts on sneaking through hidden cracks and crevices to find food sources for their colonies.

    Tips for Handling Ants:

    • Keep areas clean and clear debris routinely.

    • Store food and liquids in airtight containers.

    • Seal off entry points like small gaps under windows and doors.

  3. Spiders: Prone to hiding out in dark secluded areas, your facility is the perfect place for spiders to set up shop. But why would spiders want to set up shop in the first place? Because they follow their prey — the more pests they find on your property, the more likely they are to spin a web and make a home for themselves. Yes, you’re reading this correctly: spiders indicate that you have a larger pest problem than you may have imagined.

    Tips for Handling Spiders:

    • Clean and dust inside your building routinely.

    • Seal off entry points like gaps under windowsills and doors.

    • Dispose of loose boxes and clutter in storage areas.

Free Spring Pest Guide From the Best in Pests™

Now that you’ve upped your spring pest knowledge, it may be time to examine your pest management program. Are you leaving yourself open to a potential pest invasion? A pest problem in your facility can affect every aspect of your business operations — and ultimately your bottom-line — costing you valuable hours and profits.

For more information on how to get a head start on pest prevention this season, download A Quick Reference Guide to Spring Pests. In this free ebook, Orkin experts break down the spring pests most likely to impact your business, the top tips for an effective Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy and how to help get rid of spring insects around your facility — before they’re even a problem.

Find a Pest Control Plan That Works for Your Business

Whether you have an existing pest problem or one that has developed suddenly, our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach helps provide effective, consistent answers that you can depend on. As the Best in Pests™, we have remained committed to being there for businesses like yours for 120+ years.

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