Where Do Flies Lay Their Eggs?

Understanding eating and breeding patterns of certain flies can help when you need to eliminate their populations. It is especially important to know where certain species lay their eggs.

There are several types of pest flies found in North American homes. Filth flies include the common house fly, drain flies and blow flies. Depending on species, they may seek moist, dark piles of trash, rotting carcasses or manure in which to lay their eggs. Fruit flies, as their name implies, are fond of overripe fruit or other sugary substances. Some biting flies require a blood meal in order to trigger egg laying.

To help control existing fly infestations and to prevent future infestations, remove possible breeding sites from your home. Continue sanitation after the infestation has been eliminated to prevent future problems. Should an infestation persist, contact your local pest control professional.

fly pupae