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Indianapolis Pest Pressure

Moisture Seeking Pests

The hot, humid summers in Indianapolis, IN, suit plenty of insects. Moisture-loving pests that plague Indiana property owners include:


These pests are most active at dawn and dusk, but may also actively seek a host during the daytime and at night. They thrive in backyards throughout Indiana, pestering residents by feeding on their blood. Mosquito bites itch and cause discomfort for several days. The insects also put people at risk for West Nile virus.


Indianapolis hosts about five different and important species of cockroaches. Not only do these insects contaminate food and surfaces in homes, but cockroach infestations can also trigger asthma symptoms since allergens produced by these pests affect hundreds of Indiana residents.

Transient Pests

Many pests have different ways of invading Indianapolis homes, as well. Some of the city's stealthier pests include:

Bed Bugs

In large cities like Indianapolis, it's easy for bed bugs to get around. They travel (hitchhike) into homes on used furniture, luggage, or many other ways. Once the insects infest an area, it usually takes professional pest control help to remove a bed bug infestation. Knowing the signs of a bed bug infestation is very important.

Blow Flies

Rot and decay attract blow fly swarms. When they get inside homes, the pests pollute every surface and food item they rest on. Large numbers of blue-green blow flies found indoors are serious indicators of a dead animal trapped somewhere inside the house. Homeowners often see dead blow flies in light fixtures, a good indication of their activity somewhere inside the home or in the attic space

Customer Testimonials & Reviews

I would like to express my complete satisfaction with the Orkin Man sent to work at my home. Having been involved for many years in supervisory capacities, I feel qualified to attest that he is an exceptional worker. It’s been a long time since I have witnessed anyone working with the effort and apparent interest that this man did. I was extremely impressed. Young men like him certainly deserve recognition.

Indianapolis, Indiana

While driving on I-465 east of Indianapolis, our car overheated. We had to stop on the side of the road. After many cars, including five police cars, passed us, the Orkin Man was courteous enough to stop and lend a hand by bringing us water. We offered to pay him, but he declined. We wanted to thank him, again, through his company.

Indianapolis, Indiana

About a month ago, we discovered swarmer termites in our kitchen. I contacted five different companies to inspect, give me a quote, and explain their methods for treating the problem. The Orkin Man was the only one who showed on-time the first time we scheduled an appointment, explained the way you would treat my home for termites, seemed concerned with the finished look of the home after treatment, gave me a quote on the spot, and offered to come back after I had my other quotes to review them and compare methods. He, also, offered assistance in choosing the best fit for us, even if we decided to go with someone else! We chose Orkin because of the good impression he gave me and the company’s reputation. When I called him to return, we made an appointment for the next night. We soon realized a scheduling conflict and called him the next morning to reschedule. The Orkin Man rearranged his schedule the following day to accommodate us. I told him that wasn’t necessary and offered to push out the date on his follow-up visit, but he didn’t want us to have termites any longer than necessary. It’s nice to know that service at a fair price is still #1 with Orkin!

Zionsville, Indiana
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