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How to get rid of an ant infestation

Once ants invade, they can be challenging to eliminate. When the DIY solutions fail, Orkin Pros deliver effective ant control you can count on for your home and family.

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Why do I have ants in my house?

Seeking shelter from the elements or seeking a source of food or water, ants are always looking for a reason to come inside your home. Ants can build colonies right outside your home and easily make their way in without proper pest control management.

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Does ant spray work?

Ant colonies consist of over 100 thousand ants. Ant spray can help you get rid of the few ants you see crawling across your counter, but there will be more where that came from. Orkin treatments provide a much more effective and permanent solution.

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How to Find an Ant Nest

Locating an ant colony can be a difficult task. Ants can nest deep inside the ground or high above in trees. Orkin Pros can help you track them down and keep them out of your home.

Our ant treatment approach

We know how to find where ants are coming from

With over 15,000 different species of ants, getting rid of them requires a tailored solution. Orkin Pros are trained to diagnose and treat ant problems unique to your home. They work with you to customize an ant pest control service for your situation.

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Orkin Ant Control

Orkin Ant Control


Identifying the type of ant species you have is key to finding the right solution for your home. At Orkin, we offer pest control for Carpenter ants, Argentine ants, Citronella ants, and other common ants found in and around homes.


Ant removal will begin by locating the ant sites and nests to determine the best course of action. To exterminate ants, a combination of insecticides and other products may be used on the nesting sites.


The best way to deal with an ant infestation is to secure your home. Orkin Pros can do a thorough inspection of your home and find any potential entry points where ants are coming in so that they can be treated and sealed to prevent future infestations.

Keep Watch

Our ant treatment isn’t just a one-time deal. If the ants return, so do we. We’ll install pest monitors in critical areas such as kitchens, baths, utility rooms, and garages.


Orkin ant exterminators always provide a detailed report of the services rendered and provide recommendations for ant prevention to keep your home free of these pests.

Follow Up

We will stay in touch between our regularly scheduled visits and respond to any immediate needs to ensure we get rid of ants permanently from your home.

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Pest Control and Safety

Pet-friendly pest control for your home

Orkin's exclusive Points of Service™ approach strives to provide pest control in the safest possible manner. Your home, family, and pets are always considered when applying pesticides to surface areas in and around your home.

Is there pet-safe pest control?

Pesticides for household insects are designed to be applied at low concentrations effectively killing small insects but with no threat to people or pets. For added safety, pets should be kept from the treated area until the surface area dries.

Is pest control safe for humans?

Pest control treatments are applied in the safest manner possible with customized treatments to accommodate your needs. Our low-concentration pesticides are safely applied with people and pets in mind to effectively kill small insects like ants.

Environmentally safe pest control

Orkin offers environmentally safe pest control through Integrated Pest Management programs using a combination of treatment methods to achieve acceptable levels of control with minimal impact on humans, non-target organisms, and the environment.

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