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Raleigh Customers Trust Orkin

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Brittney Rhodes

“Antonio was very professional and thorough with explaining the products and how they work! He informed me of the type of insects we were having problems with and was so kind the entire time. We are glad he is our Orkin Technician and look forward to seeing him next month!”

Raleigh Pest Control

Most common pests in North Carolina

An experienced Orkin Raleigh exterminator you can trust.

While some pests are a nuisance, others may pose a health hazard to humans and animals. Don’t let pest control problems get out of control. Contact an Orkin exterminator if you’re dealing with an influx of water bugs in North Carolina. Our top-of-the-line pest control solutions can help you win the battle against North Carolina ants, centipedes, rodents, termites, and other common pests in Raleigh.

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Seasonal Pest Experts

Seasonal solutions for pest control in Raleigh

We believe there are six distinct pest seasons. That's why we stress the importance of proactive seasonal pest control in Raleigh, NC.

It’s High Season

During the High Season summer months of July and August, common bugs in North Carolina enjoy the nice weather as they scurry around from place to place. We can help you take extra precautions to protect your home and lawn from the most troublesome pests.


Cockroaches — also called water bugs in NC — become active during the High Season months. These insects thrive in balmy habitats, and just a few can quickly turn into an infestation. These giant insects may also contaminate surfaces and cause illness.

Flying Insects

High Season speeds up the life cycle of flies, mosquitoes, crane flies, and other large flying bugs in North Carolina, increasing the number of eggs being laid and hatched. Orkin exterminators in Raleigh can help with these North Carolina flying insects.


North Carolina ants thrive during High Season. They invade properties while searching for food and a heat source during cooler nights. Whether dealing with pavement ants or velvet ants in North Carolina, they can cause property damage and spread bacteria.

Raleigh Pest Control for Every Season

Seasonal pest control in Raleigh, NC for year-round pest management

Tackle pests — like spiders and centipedes — with year-round pest management

Year-round pest control in North Carolina is key to keeping bugs under control — and at bay. Our team of Orkin exterminators in Raleigh utilizes the latest technology to tackle common pests in North Carolina, such as rodents, spiders, centipedes, cockroaches, and flying insects. Our proactive approach to seasonal pest control addresses the behavior of local pests all year long.

Year-Round Raleigh Termite Control

Year-Round Raleigh Termite Control



Termites sneak in undetected, create a cozy nest, and feast on your building's structure — potentially costing thousands of dollars in damage. Our personalized approach to Raleigh termite control can help you get rid of termites and prevent their return.

Termite warning signs

Warning signs

If you notice warning signs of a termite infestation, such as swarms of flying termites, termite nests, or damage to wooden structures, don't wait to get help. With Orkin on your side, we can help you determine the extent of damage and what to do next.



Orkin Pros are experts at tracking down termites — no matter how hidden they are. To help protect your property from these destructive bugs, an Orkin exterminator can conduct a free termite inspection in Raleigh, NC at a time that's convenient for you.



Termites come in various sizes, colors, and species — including dry wood, damp wood, and subterranean varieties. While most termites look similar, Orkin Pros are expert-trained in bug biology and can correctly identify these tiny bugs in North Carolina.

Termite treatment


For termite treatment in Raleigh, NC, you need an expert pest control team by your side. Our North Carolina exterminators may use a combination of solutions — including Sentricon® bait, dry foam void filler, and liquid treatments — to help tackle termites.

Termite prevention


You can rely on Orkin's top-of-the-line pest control methods to help you get rid of termites. By taking a proactive approach to termites in North Carolina, we can help you manage a current infestation while also safeguarding against future colonization.

Year-round pest control for Raleigh cockroaches

Year-round pest control for Raleigh cockroaches



Cockroaches are more than just a nuisance — they're pesky bugs that may carry dangerous bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. Water bugs in NC can also cause allergic reactions and trigger asthma. Thankfully, our expert exterminators in Raleigh can help keep your loved ones safe all year round.

Cockroach warning signs

Warning signs

If you notice potential signs of a cockroach infestation, such as visible droppings or oval-shaped eggs, don't wait to get help. Whether you witness a cockroach race across the floor or encounter flying roaches in Raleigh, you can rely on Orkin.



If you suspect cockroach activity, don't wait to contact Orkin for a free inspection. Once you pick a convenient time, a Raleigh exterminator will thoroughly inspect your property — top to bottom, inside and out — for current or potential roach problems.



Orkin Pros thoroughly identify areas that various types of roaches in Raleigh may infest, including crevices, cracks, and shared spaces like kitchens and bathrooms. NC water bugs don't stand a chance against our expert team of Orkin exterminators.

Cockroach treatment


If you need a roach exterminator in Raleigh, NC, Orkin can help. Our treatment methods — including bait, sprays, and growth regulators — can help you win a beetle battle. An Orkin Pro can design a unique plan for your problems with NC water bugs.

Cockroach prevention


Prevent roaches from sneaking into your home or business by maintaining a clean environment and sealing gaps and cracks. Since every property is unique, a Raleigh exterminator can work with you to keep these pesky bugs at bay.

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