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Do-it-yourself methods won't solve a bed bug infestation. Call a pro to put your bed bug problem to rest so you can sleep at night.

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Treatment for Bed Bugs

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Do bed bug home remedies work?

Most methods that involve killing bed bugs naturally are ineffective and will not completely eliminate the infestation. To get rid of bed bugs, you’ll need the help of a professional to inspect and treat your home with a customized solution.

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Do bed bug sprays work?

Sprays can kill bed bugs when sprayed directly on the pest, but those in hiding will continue to breed and grow the infestation. A thorough professional inspection of your home is needed to ensure the entire colony is found and eliminated.

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So, what is the best bed bug treatment?

Effective methods, such as heat treatments, require professional experience and equipment to ensure they are applied safely and effectively. Orkin Pros have unmatched experience in treating bed bugs.

We know how to treat bed bugs

Bed Bug Control

Getting rid of bed bugs is challenging. They hide and multiply quickly, making it difficult to control on your own. Bed bug exterminators at Orkin are trained to diagnose, treat and remove bed bugs from your home with a bed bug treatment plan made for you.

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Orkin Bed Bug Treatment

Orkin Bed Bug Treatment


Call an exterminator immediately once you spot a bed bug. Bed bugs can hide in unsuspecting places and multiply quickly, so Orkin Pros start with a thorough inspection of your home.


Early detection is critical to help prevent an even more extensive infestation. After a bed bug inspection, if an infestation is confirmed, your Orkin Pro will recommend a treatment plan based on the severity of the infestation and your preferences.


Every situation requires a unique solution. That's why our bed bug treatments for homes are customized for your specific needs.


How are bed bugs treated? Orkin has a variety of options available to treat bed bugs. Customized solutions can include heat treatments and conventional treatments with pesticides proven effective against bed bugs.


Conquering bed bugs can take time. Typically, bed bug treatments require about 3-4 rounds to get rid of these stubborn pests.

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Pest Control and Safety

Pet-friendly bed bug pest control for your home

Orkin's exclusive Points of Service™ approach strives to provide bed bug pest control in the safest manner possible. Your home, family, and pets are always considered when applying bed bug pesticides to surface areas in and around your home.

Is there pet-safe pest control?

Pesticides for household insects like bed bugs are designed to be applied at low concentrations to kill small insects but with no threat to people or pets. For added safety, pets should be kept from the treated area until the surface area dries.

Is pest control safe for humans?

Bed bug pest control treatments are applied in the safest manner possible with custom treatments to accommodate your needs. Our low-concentration pesticides are safely applied with people and pest in mind, while effectively killing bed bugs.

Environmentally safe pest control

Orkin offers environmentally safe bed bug treatment through Integrated Pest Management, using a combination of treatment methods to achieve acceptable levels of control, resulting in minimal impact on humans, non-target organisms, and the environment.

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