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How do Mosquito Traps or Zappers Work?

Illustration of Magnified Adult Mosquito

Basic Information on Traps

All mosquito traps use attractants to lure female mosquitoes. Some traps contain impeller fans designed to capture specimens, while others utilize sticky surfaces or grids that electrocute mosquitoes. Most units require maintenance.

Control Methods

Traps that use propane as a heat source and carbon dioxide as attractant are intended for large populations. These traps simulate human exhalation, thus intercepting mosquitoes before they reach humans. Traps powered through electrical cords are less expensive and are designed for use in smaller areas.

Challenges of Control

Mosquito traps can be effective in killing mosquitoes, giving homeowners a sense of satisfaction. However, they often attract more mosquitoes into the area and ultimately do little to reduce the overall population. True mosquito population control is dependent upon breeding habitats and mosquito species, as well as many other factors. Should you experience mosquitoes, contact your local pest control professional for further extermination options.

Electric Control Devices / Zappers

Although mosquito control devices are commonly marketed to treat heavy mosquito populations, they have not been proven effective. These devices electrocute insects that approach them. They produce unpleasant sounds and require frequent cleaning. Because these devices utilize an electrical charge, they should be kept away from children, pets and foliage.

Control Methods

Mosquito electric killers attempt to attract mosquitoes to light and kill them with an electric current. Many mosquitoes may be killed by these lights, but, in fact, most insects killed by electrocuting devices are not mosquitoes, but other flying insects attracted to light.

Challenges of Control

Targeting only adult mosquitoes does little to affect the overall mosquito population. Adults will continue to emerge, many of which will not be killed by a few devices. DIY or homemade methods can often miss the mark. Pest control experts practice the most efficient methods of mosquito control, including targeting mosquito adult resting areas and addressing possible breeding areas.

For effective mosquito control, contact your local Orkin Pro for a free pest control estimate to help combat these pests. Orkin’s mosquito treatment services also helps in getting rid of other invasive pests such as spotted lanternflies.


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