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Do Mosquitoes Bite Dogs?

Close-up Picture of a Mosquito

Close-up Picture of a Mosquito

Do mosquitoes bite dogs or only people?

Despite having fur, dogs are just as vulnerable to mosquito bites as humans, since biting mosquitoes search for areas of the animal that are hairless or only lightly covered with fur.

Most species of the insects are active at night, so a pet playing outdoors at dusk is a prime target for hungry mosquitoes. While most mosquito bites on dogs are simply a nuisance, some can lead to illness.

What do mosquito bites look like on dogs?

When a mosquito bites a dog, it may look similar to mosquito bites on humans. Typically, it looks like a raised, red welt on the dog’s skin. If you notice this in addition to your dog scratching the same area, there’s a good chance your dog has been bitten by a mosquito.

Mosquito-borne Disease in Dogs

When a mosquito bites a dog, the insect can pass on many pathogens. Some infections are more serious than others and can require treatment. A few common diseases mosquitoes can spread to dogs include:

Preventing Bites and Illness

Mosquito bites on dogs happen less often if the animal is indoors. Pet owners can take measures to protect their home from insects. Closing windows and doors as well as installing screens may help to stop mosquitoes from biting dogs.


Although many pet products offer mosquito protection for dogs, disease and bites can still occur. Contacting the professionals at Orkin is a safe and reliable way to handle an infestation. With expert pest control, homeowners are less likely to deal with mosquito bites on dogs.


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