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Termites & Real Estate

Termite Damage and Real Estate Transactions

When buying a new home, termite damage should always be a consideration. Termites are widespread throughout the United States, and the damage caused by a termite infestation is rarely covered by homeowners' insurance policies.

Termite inspectors are specially trained to recognize existing termite infestations and damage that homeowners and real estate agents may not recognize as threats. Termite inspectors also issue a report outlining potential threats for future infestation, such as damp basements, piles of wood, wood to ground contact or fallen trees near the home. The homeowner is responsible for eliminating these threats.

Termite control services can eliminate an active infestation and help reduce the risk of future infestation and termite damage to your most expensive asset, your home. Homeowners pay an extermination company to receive an initial inspection, treatment and annual termite inspections. The most effective termite control will be backed by a service commitment that includes additional retreatments at no additional charge should a reinfestation occur. In some cases, the termite service agreement might include the company's promise to pay for the repair of future termite damage.

Buyers should look for the following, which may be signs of a termite infestation: a temporary swarm of winged insects, discarded wings from "swarmers," cracked or bubbling paint, wood that sounds hollow when tapped and mud tubes on exterior walls. Buyers should also make sure the home that they are purchasing is covered by a termite control service agreement with a reputable pest control provider.

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Termites & Real Estate

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