Ants in Sink and Walls

Question: We have ants. They come up out of the sink but only if something besides water is poured down the drain. How do I stop this? Also, we have them coming out from the plug-ins. Does that mean they are in the wall?

ANSWER: You may possibly have an infestation of Pharaoh ants.

Pharaoh ants (Monomorium pharaonis) are a common household pest which is difficult to control. They can infest the entire house, but their preference is for kitchens and bathrooms and other high-moisture locations. Standard spray treatments are not effective or even advisable.

The best control strategy is to use baits and be patient. The baits take time, and there are likely many small colonies throughout the house. The baits will have to be located in many places, and the ants will have to be attracted to the baits. The use of liquid baits is best, but gel formulations will work well also. Remember when treating with a baiting program, patience is the key. Do not try to "help" your specialist by treating with insecticide sprays, as the problem will get worse. Spraying the areas with cleaning solvents will also have an adverse effect and contaminate the baits applied by your Orkin Man.

Call for a comprehensive evaluation of the problem. The proper diagnosis of this pesky ant problem and the correct treatment solution will prevent future headaches. Your Orkin Man is trained to recognize issues related to these ants as well as other ants.

pharaoh ant picture Pharaoh Ant Image

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Question: We have ants, quite small in size, reddish/orange in color, back-most segment of it is of a lighter shade. The queens have the same basic coloring, and are of about 1/4 inch in length. I think these are pharaoh ants. What would you say they are, and what am I to do about them?


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