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There are few things more frustrating than dealing with a pest infestation in your home— that’s why you should rely on Orkin for superior Austin home pest control to help remove unwanted insects and other critters from your property. Our team brings considerable expertise and training to bear when dealing with unwelcome houseguests. With over 120 years of industry experience, Orkin is a name you can trust for reliable pest management solutions.

A pest problem can quickly disrupt the comfort of any home environment. Aside from being annoying, pests can also be hazardous to your health. Cockroaches, ants, and mosquitos can spread dangerous bacteria and pathogens that can harm pets or loved ones. Other pests, like centipedes and scorpions, are known to have nasty stings that can cause pain and swelling.

Pests can also cause enormous damage to property. Rodents may chew through walls, electrical wiring, and belongings. Once they make it into your home, mice and rats can contaminate food, spreading bacteria as they go. Our experienced Austin pest control Pros know how to deal with these pests, along with other common pests in Austin like silverfish, ticks, and spiders.

If you see a few pests, chances are there are more hiding elsewhere. When you need help, you can rely on Orkin for effective pest control services in Austin. Our science-based methods work to help manage these pests by targeting their life cycles and fortifying the home against critters sneaking in again.

Termites are potentially one of the most destructive pests in Austin. These critters will chew through virtually anything that contains cellulose, and that includes wood, drywall, cardboard, paper, and plants. Our Austin termite control inspectors will perform an inspection of your home to determine the extents of termite activity and damage as well as the best course of action. Using cutting-edge technologies, we may target the infestation with prescribed methods, including bait, dry foam, or other Austin termite treatments, to help resolve the problem. We'll also address vulnerable areas around the home to help keep these pests outside.

If you or your loved ones are noticing bed bug bites in the morning, it’s best to get help sooner than later. Bed bugs reproduce at a rapid pace, and it's best to nip the problem in the bud at the first sign of their moving in. These pests can hide easily in baseboards, upholstered furniture, mattresses, and bedding. Luckily, Orkin offers Austin bed bug treatment solutions that are customized for your unique situation. Our team of experts knows how to help get rid of bed bugs in Austin quickly, so you can feel at home in your own house once again.

Let us assist with putting a stop to your pest problems before they get worse. Our team provides scientifically proven pest, termite, and bed bug control in Austin. We’re dedicated to delivering results to our valued customers when they need help the most. Call Orkin for fast and reputable pest control in Austin you can rely on, every time.

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