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Cicada Sounds

Have you come across a bug that makes loud noises? Or maybe you hear bugs that make noise at night when you are around trees or even miles away. Most likely the noises you are hearing are cicada sounds.

Cicada on Branch

Cicada on Branch

Why do cicadas make noise?

Cicadas make noise primarily to communicate with other cicadas. Male cicadas make noise as a mating call to attract female cicadas.

How do cicadas make noise?

The cicada sound is created by tymbals, which are specialized structures found on the abdomen of the males. Male cicadas can make the sound by vibrating abdominal muscles quickly which then cause the tymbals to move and create the sound. The hollow body of the male cicada then amplifies the sound. Different cicada species can produce different sounds, patterns, and frequencies. This helps the same cicada species find and recognize each other for mating.

Do all cicadas make noise?

Not all cicadas make noise. There are some cicada species that are silent or deaf that do not make a sound.

What sound does a cicada make?

The cicada sound can vary by species, but it is usually a loud buzzing sound.

What does a cicada sound like?

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