An Introduction to Bed Bugs in the Workplace

Bed bugs are ready to make your business their business—and in some cases (like yours), it could mean that no beds are required. Due to bed bugs’ rapid reproduction rate and employees living in homes or sleeping in hotels where bed bugs may reside, office buildings across the country have been invaded by these vampiric pests. (Download our free bed bug e-book, 100 Facts About Bed Bugs, for other strange facts about bed bugs that will take you by surprise.)

And these blood-suckers are more than just a nuisance. Their obvious ick-factor can lead not only to business disruptions and reputation damage, but can also introduce HR, risk management and litigation issues. If you’re an office property manager, learning how to detect and help manage a bed bug problem will help you put these pests to rest and your tenants at ease.

Here are three ways to detect and help manage bed bugs on your property:

  1. Know the signs. Bed bugs typically hide during the day, so your tenants need to be on the lookout for the tiny, ink-colored stains they leave on couches, plush office chairs, cubicle dividers and even bundled phone and computer wires. It’s important that you educate your tenants on these signs of activity and ask them to alert you of potential bed bug problems as soon as possible.

  2. Contain the problem. If you find signs of bed bug activity, leave the area as it is. By leaving the space undisturbed, Orkin can more accurately assess the situation. You should alert the company leasing the affected office space, as well as other tenants, and contact Orkin or another qualified pest control professional immediately.

  3. Prepare the space. A confirmed bed bug presence will need treatment as quickly as possible. To prepare, turn furniture over and move it to the middle of the room, clear items attached to the wall and loosen the carpeting around the sides of the room. Be sure to discuss any additional preparation steps with Orkin before they arrive.

Ready to get serious about bed bugs? We’ve got you covered with our comprehensive e-book, 100 Facts About Bed Bugs. Remember, if you think you may be dealing with a bed bug problem, Orkin can provide a free consultation at any time, with no obligation.


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