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A Joint Commission Checklist for Pest Control

Improving the quality of patient services is a priority for all healthcare facilities. Part of this ongoing improvement includes striving to meet the standards set by the Joint Commission. Along with setting standards for the quality of training, infrastructure and operations, many healthcare facilities may not realize the Joint Commission has a say when it comes to pest management, too.

Check out Orkin's Joint Commission Pest Control Checklist to see if your Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program aligns with the Joint Commission’s standards of compliance and performance improvement. In the meantime, you can get started with the basics:


Make sure your staff has access to your facility’s hazardous materials inventory, which includes an accurate list of pesticide treatments and steps for disposing of them safely and responsibly. Have plans on file to reduce your hazardous material inventory, and be sure to document and track the quantity of these materials used over time.


Implement an IPM plan that helps minimize risks associated with handling, disposing, storing and using hazardous materials. Train your staff on actions that help prevent pest activity and be sure to:

  • Use least-toxic pesticide application as a last resort.
  • Document that restricted pesticides are not.
  • Focus on pest identification and monitoring.
  • Implement non-chemical methods of pest control like traps and barriers.


Maintain up-to-date documentation, including permits, safety data sheets and certifications required by law and regulation, like pesticide applicator licensees. Accurate records of training for staff and a current, proactive IPM program aimed at reducing chemical usage are crucial to compliance with the Joint Commission standards.

If you find gaps in your program, partner with your pest management provider to reconcile them. And remember, you should record all evidence of compliance and performance improvements to make sure you’re checking all the boxes off your pest control checklist.

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