Patient Perspective: What Patients Do Not Want to See in Healthcare Facilities

Orkin Pro Inspecting Hospital Hallway

From public areas to private recovery rooms, your patients should feel at ease in your facility. They are your reputation builders, your case studies, and, in many cases, your survivors, so it’s imperative that when they enter your facility, they feel comfortable and in good hands.

Unfortunately, it’s easier said than done when it comes to pest presence. Below are a few real-life healthcare situations where pest problems went undiagnosed until they impacted patients.

For additional situations and information on how to avoid these occurrences, check out Healthcare Pest Control from a Patient’s Perspective.

Ants in the Common Area

The features that make an indoor garden pleasant for your common area can also attract ants – that’s because flowers, plants, and water lure pests to your garden where they can find a perfect new home. To help keep pest populations to a minimum, avoid indoor or outdoor plant species – especially ones that produce nuts, seeds and fruits – that attract pests.

Small Flies in the Emergency Room

Just one instance of improper sanitation can introduce a fly problem. Pests are constantly looking for water, food and shelter, so even the smallest trace left behind will be enough to attract them. For a patient, peace of mind is imperative to choosing the correct facility, so don’t let something as simple as an uncleaned spill get in the way of yours being the first choice.

Rodents in the Foodservice Area

Mice can squeeze their flexible bodies into dime-sized openings. With this in mind, it’s essential to seal off any entry points in and around your building. This means installing door sweeps, sealing cracks in foundations and roofs and eliminating gaps around utility lines and boxes.

Aside from being a nuisance, a pest problem can threaten the health of your patients and damage your reputation. Knowing about the pests your team is likely to encounter, and how they can be discovered is the first step in helping prevent pest activity from growing into a noticeable problem.

For information on the pests that are most attracted to your facility and additional preparedness tips, download Healthcare Pest Control from a Patient’s Perspective.


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