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Three Tips for Managing Bed Bugs in Apartments

Bed bugs survive on human blood, and a property filled with unsuspecting residents is the perfect feeding ground. These small pests reproduce rapidly and can become a property-wide issue if you don’t address the issue immediately.

A bed bug infestation is more than just inconvenient—bed bug sightings are a sure-fire way to damage your apartment’s reputation and could even lead to battles in court. It’s important for property managers to learn the do’s and don’t’s of bed bug management in the multifamily industry so that your reputation can withstand any close bed bug encounters and future residents see your community as a great place to call home.

Here are three critical ways to detect and handle bed bug problems:

  1. Look for clues. Because bed bugs are often hidden during the day, your residents need to be aware of warning signs. Small, ink-colored stains may be found on mattress tags and seams, under seat cushions and behind headboards. (Learn more about spotting bed bug issues in our free e-book, 100 Facts About Bed Bugs.) It’s important that you educate your residents on these signs of activity and ask them to alert you of potential bed bug problems as soon as possible.
  2. Avoid spreading. When signs of bed bugs are found, it’s important to leave the room exactly as you or the resident found it, and Orkin or another qualified pest control provider should be called as soon as possible. The affected unit should be closed off so the issue does not spread throughout the property.
  3. Get the affected unit ready. Once it is confirmed that bed bugs have been introduced, you should begin preparing the unit for treatment. Work with the resident to push furniture to the middle of the room and flip it over. Loosen all wall decorations and the carpet located around the edges of the room. Orkin also recommends vacuuming the bed and perimeter carpeting. Make sure to ask your Orkin pest specialist about further preparation steps before treatment begins.

Are you determined to prevent bed bugs in your apartment complex? If so, our free e-book, 100 Facts About Bed Bugs, is a must-read.


Orkin is standing by to help you through bed bug incidents big and small, so request your free consultation at any time.

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