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Maines Paper and Food Service

Multiple Layers, One Effective Pest Management Program

As one of the leading independent foodservice distributors in the country, Maines Paper & Food Service, Inc., supplies frozen foods, dry groceries, fresh fruits and vegetables to foodservice operations in 37 states from 10 distribution centers. With such an expansive logistical network, having a pest management program in place to help ensure quality assurance is essential. That’s why Maines’ corporate headquarters in Conklin, N.Y. relies on Orkin to set the standard for pest management excellence.

Maines employs Orkin’s Gold Medal Protection, a comprehensive Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program with reporting designed to meet and exceed third-party audit requirements. IPM is an environmentally friendly approach to pest management that relies on non-chemical control options like sanitation and facility maintenance to prevent pest presence. In recognition of Maines’ successful IPM partnership with Orkin, the company was presented a 2008 Gold Medal IPM Partner Award by Orkin, The IPM Institute of North America, and NSF Cook & Thurber.

To learn more about their award-winning IPM program, we spoke with Maines’ Director of Safety and Claims Jim Shafer and Warehouse Director James McColloch. Here is an edited transcription of that interview.

Why is IPM so critical to Maines’ business?

McColloch:“We hold our facility to the highest standards, so pest control isn’t just about reporting pests. It’s also about being proactive and preventing pest issues from occurring in the first place, which Gold Medal Protection helps us to achieve. Strong communication and preventive maintenance are essential in managing pests with minimal reliance on chemicals.”

Shafer: “Chemical treatments are only used inside our facility as a last resort, so a successful IPM program is necessary to uphold the quality and safety of our products. A non-chemical approach means there is less risk for food contamination, which helps protect the health and safety of consumers across the country.”

What makes Maines’ IPM program so effective?

McColloch: “An IPM program is only as effective as the people working behind it, and everyone at our facility really goes the extra mile. All of our employees work hard to maintain a rigorous pest management program. We partner with our Orkin Commercial Pest Specialist to identify issues that could potentially cause pest problems and resolve them quickly. Orkin’s communication with our team has been outstanding. They are accessible when servicing the facility and available to answer any questions.”

How does Orkin work with your staff to help prevent pests?

McColloch: “Orkin provides our management team, employees and internal licensed inspector with the guidance needed to maintain a pest-free facility. Our Orkin Pest Specialist and inspector work together to monitor for pests, identify potential problem areas and ensure corrective actions are taken if an issue arises. Orkin also works closely with our sanitation and maintenance teams to ensure our facility is protected from unwanted pests.”

What are the benefits of Orkin’s Gold Medal Protection?

Shafer: “The resources that Orkin brings to the table have been very beneficial for our company. Orkin’s PowerTrak documentation system enables us to go online and gather background information on our pest management program, including past issues and services performed for customer inspections. Plus, scanning each trap and storing the information electronically has made our program much more manageable.”

McColloch: “The detailed capabilities of PowerTrak’s web-based reports give our team quick and easy access to auditors’ recommended corrective actions. Management uses the reports to make sure all of the recommendations are corrected in a timely manner.”

What results has your award-winning partnership achieved?

McColloch: “Our partnership with Orkin has led to a number of successful third-party audits. In 2007, just three months after we hired Orkin, we were able to achieve an outstanding score on the pest control section of our audit. We’ve continued to achieve record scores throughout 2008 due to Orkin’s support and our internal leadership.”


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