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Moffitt Cancer Center

Located in Tampa, Fla., Moffitt Cancer Center is one of only 41 National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers, a distinction that recognizes Moffitt’s excellence in research and its contributions to clinical trials, prevention and cancer control. Moffitt’s tradition of excellence has not only earned it the title of number one cancer hospital in Florida, but also one of the best in the country.

Given the challenges pests can present in the sensitive healthcare environment, it’s no surprise that pest management has been a focus for this nationally-ranked facility. That’s why since 2011, Moffitt has partnered with Orkin to help maintain a pest-free environment.

Through Orkin’s proactive and environmentally friendly Healthcare Precision Protection™ program, Moffitt has upheld its focus on quality assurance and patient experience. The facility’s commitment to quality and partnership resulted in an IPM Partner Award, presented by Orkin, The IPM Institute of North America and the Association for the Healthcare Environment.

We spoke with Director of Environmental Services LaWanda Courtney to learn more about Moffitt’s pest management program success. Here is an edited transcription of that interview.

Why do you think your facility won this award?

We were honored to receive this award and consider it a testament to the partnership between our Orkin team and our employees. As a nationally-ranked cancer treatment center, we are committed to giving our patients a superior experience, and minimizing pest pressures has been part of that effort.

Why is IPM so important to your facility?

As a healthcare facility, we’re always looking for more patient-friendly methods of controlling pests. IPM allows us to focus on prevention, ongoing monitoring and inspection to maximize control without relying solely on chemical applications. We meet twice a week with our Orkin Pest Specialist to discuss any opportunities for improvement and timely factors that may affect our pest management.

What results have you seen from your partnership with Orkin?

We’ve seen an increase in employee awareness and engagement since partnering with Orkin. The Environmental Services employees work hand-in-hand with our Orkin Pest Specialist and we consider him a valued part of our team. When our system of communication and documentation wasn’t working seamlessly, he helped us develop a new system that is easier to maintain and keeps us all aware of factors that contribute to pest issues. Since implementing an IPM program, we’ve also lowered our pest pressure and we rely on our Orkin team to help us review pest trends and data so we can continually improve the program.

Why do you continue to work with Orkin?

It fills us with pride to say that Orkin is our pest management partner. Their understanding of our dedication to quality and safety, and particularly the unique challenges that come in a healthcare environment, make our Orkin team invaluable to us. Our top priority is the experience of our patients, and Orkin helps us deliver a clean, safe environment so that our doctors and nurses can focus on delivering top-notch care to our patients.


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