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How to Identify Mosquitos from Indoor Bugs

Identify Mosquitoes from Outdoor Bugs

Mosquitoes In A Multifamily Home

Mosquitoes In A Multifamily Home

Spotting a Mosquito Look-Alike

Able to survive in a variety of climates, mosquitoes are a nuisance and more seriously, transmitters of diseases across the country. Still, these pests are not always the true cause of a pest infestation. Many people mistake bugs that look like mosquitoes for the pests themselves. Knowing the difference between common insects is important for effective control.

Indoor Bugs that Look Like Mosquitoes

Is it Mosquitoes or Fleas?

A Flea

Both of these biting insects may get into homes. Mosquitoes tend to fly inside through open windows and doors, and fleas catch a ride on pets and clothing instead. After a close look at both pests, homeowners should be able to spot some key differences. These pests have wings, while fleas are wingless and have thin, flat bodies.

Mosquitoes vs. Crane Flies

Crane flies are commonly mistaken for bugs that look like mosquitoes. In discerning between mosquitoes vs. crane flies, the crucial factors are size and behavior. Crane flies can be more than double the size of these insects. In addition, females bite, but crane flies don’t.

Do I Have Mosquitoes or Gnats?

Gnat Illustration For Identification

Common in homes, fungus gnats are another bug that looks somewhat like mosquitoes. The small, flying insects often come indoors looking for places to develop.

Comparing gnats and these insects visually can be tough because of their small size and similar body type. Location is a better tell. Homeowners typically spot fungus gnats swarming around house plants with little interest in moving anywhere else.

Outdoor Mosquito Look-Alikes

Is it a Midge or Mosquito?

Biting midges feed on the blood of humans and animals and like mosquitoes, the blood meal they consumed gives them a reddish color to their abdominal body segment. These insects also have specific wing patterns and other distinguishing characteristics that help with identification.

Mosquitoes and Chiggers

Both of these biting insects annoy homeowners in yards. Chiggers are extremely small when compared to mosquitoes and are unable to fly since they are wingless. Their bright red color also stands in sharp contrast to the dull, black hue of mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes vs. Tadpoles

Property owners may also discover mosquito larvae, commonly referred to as wigglers and tadpoles swimming in an outdoor water source. Tadpoles live in the same habits as mosquito larvae and compete with them for food. Tadpoles are much larger than mosquito larvae and of course will develop into adult frogs.

Reducing Mosquito Populations

Mosquito adult females transmit diseases such as West Nile virus through their bites, so identifying and treating an infestation is vital. Once homeowners determine they are not dealing with a mosquito look-alike, limiting the pests’ spread is the next step. Orkin specialists have the tools and training to deal with mosquitoes and similar-looking insects that might also become pest problems.


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