Orkin's Training

We know our stuff.

Orkin’s Commercial Training Program makes The Orkin Man™ one of the most thoroughly trained pest specialists in the industry, with 160 hours of intensive hands-on instruction in the first year.

At Orkin, we have invested millions to develop award-winning training programs that extend well beyond the classroom. Each Orkin commercial pest specialist is trained in Orkin’s Commercial Training & Certification Program. Our technicians go through five levels of certification to become a master certified field technician and the best at what they do.

Orkin's University and Training Center

Orkin commercial pest specialists benefit from the Orkin Learning Center in Atlanta, which provides a complete training experience with the latest technologies and settings. Orkin’s Commercial pest specialists face “real life” pest control scenarios in a 13,000-square-foot space that includes model rooms in restaurants, hospitals, hotels, and commercial kitchens. These areas allow technicians hands-on experience and help our professionals understand the unique challenges of office establishments. Cut-away walls and examples of common building techniques provide commercial and residential technician trainees with first-hand knowledge of what to expect when servicing customers across the country.

Orkin TV - Web-Based Training

Our interactive television communications network and digital media studio creates a live virtual “classroom” for our nearly 8,000 employees. This allows for in-depth training in real time at more than 500 locations across the country, so all of our technicians receive specialized training no matter where they are located.

The Rollins Global Learning Network uses web-based platforms where technicians have access to real-time and on-demand training through desktops, televisions, and mobile devices.

Award-Winning Training

Orkin has been recognized consistently on Training magazine’s prestigious Top 125 list and has been featured among the magazine’s Editor’s Choice honorees. The bottom line: you can rest assured you’re getting effective pest management techniques, specifically for your business, delivered by a knowledgeable expert.