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What To Do If You Have Bed Bugs In Your Apartment

Question: I have bed bugs in my apartment. I began seeing them (rarely) a few months ago but I didn’t know what they were. Currently I have over 20 bites on my body.

My apartment building management hired an exterminator who visited and sprayed yesterday. I”m wondering if anyone is ever able to get rid of these things easily. I have heard several horror stories over the internet, and I am considering moving.

Thank you for your help.

Answer: Bed bugs can be controlled, but it is not always easy. There is usually a lot of work involved, and often it will require multiple visits. Today we know that some genetic strains of bed bugs have become resistant to certain insecticides. Bed bugs can travel from one apartment to another by wall voids, plumbing and electrical conduits, etc. They are also transported in luggage, briefcases, backpacks, purses and so on. Oftentimes apartment dwellers will rent furniture that, if not treated properly, will bring bed bugs with it.

If your apartment complex management is using a pest control service and it does not work, I would recommend you speak to them about trying a company with the latest technological and scientific advances in bed bug control like Orkin Pest Control.

They can call the local Orkin Branch office and arrange for a comprehensive bed bug inspection.

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Question: How do you look for bed bugs in your home? How do you know if you have them?

Question: I am not sure what type of pest I have, but I suspect the condo I recently purchased has bed bugs (or something similar ). I moved in and noticed I was getting bitten only at night. I am not sure if they were already there or came in with stuff from my storage unit. I have been researching various pest control services and none mention bed bugs or anything similar. What are my options for getting rid of these pests?

Question: I stay in an apartment. I have only resided here for two months today. I have noticed that “bed bugs” have infested my master bedroom. Is there anything I can do to get rid of the insects permanently?

Question: I have bed bugs in my house, and everyone who has slept over has gotten up in the morning with the red bumps all over them. What can I do?

Question: What is proper, EFFECTIVE treatment to eradicate bed bugs from an apartment that is attached to about six other apartments? This means six ground-floor units with attic and crawl space. Should ALL units, attic and crawl space be treated at the same time … or just the one unit that is honest and legal enough to confront the problem and tell management??!!

Terminix is incompetent and cannot seem to handle the job, so we are asking your expert advice.

Also, how does a tenant prepare PROPERLY for an exterminator to come in and treat for bed bugs? We have been promised the instruction sheet/brochure for this purpose, but have not received it from either management OR Terminix!

Can YOU help us?? We need to MOVE but we need to make SURE we are bug FREE before we MOVE!

What steps do we need do take to make sure they don”t come with??!! HOW does one prevent bad bug/bed bugs from doing this—is there some way to know—meaning HOW can you check or is there a WAY to check for them, in order to ascertain belongings are bed bug free?

Thank you! ANY information you can give us is deeply appreciated—especially since Terminix is so attitudinal AND useless!! Rescue us, Orkin???? (Even if it is simply with information—it is what we really, REALLY need, right now!!)

Answer: Bed bugs are not easily controlled, it normally takes multiple treatments. Call your local Orkin Branch Office for a bed bug inspection and treatment of your home. The Certified Bed Bug Specialist will develop a customized treatment based on science that best fits your needs.

Question: I live in an apartment in Revere, Mass., and I just found some bed bugs on the box spring of my bed. I threw that away immediately and looked at every last inch of my actual mattress to see if I could find any traces of more. I didn’t and still vacuumed it thoroughly, but I still just want to make sure there aren’t any more in my apartment. I was just wondering how much would it cost to have somebody come and inspect my apartment for bed bugs?

Answer: Call your local Orkin Branch Office . They will be able to provide you with pricing for a bed bug inspection by an Orkin Certified Bed Bug Specialist.

Question: My apartment has recently been infested with bed bugs. My apartment management says they’ll take care of it, but they don’t know what to do about my books and large camping backpacks that can’t go in a washing machine. I have a lot of books, and I don’t want them to restart the infestation. Any ideas?

Answer: Inspect the books for signs, try to get the backpacks dry cleaned or perhaps in the dryer at high heat.

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