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Help Reduce the Risk of Foodborne Illness at Your Restaurant


According to the CDC, more than half of foodborne illness outbreaks originate in restaurants. It’s a statistic that should concern you and other restaurant owners as you aim to provide an exemplary dining experience for your guests and avoid the PR disaster of foodborne illness. In order to do just that, food safety needs to remain a top priority.

While there are many factors that can lead to foodborne illnesses that are out of your control, one thing you can help influence is the food safety knowledge of your employees. For example, almost a quarter of all U.S. restaurant workers violate health codes by eating in prep areas – do your employees know this is against code?

The CDC also found that most foodborne illness outbreaks linked to restaurants are related to unsafe food handling by workers. Be sure to properly train your staff and encourage them to consult with restaurant management if they:

  • Are unfamiliar with your restaurant's food handling procedures
  • Feel they do not have the resources or time to commit to proper food safety protocols
  • Need a refresher on ways to help prevent foodborne illness in the kitchen

Also, remind your employees how crucial it is to change his or her shift and stay home if they are showing signs of illness – especially vomiting or diarrhea.

For more ways to encourage your staff to improve food safety, watch our 5 Common Food Safety Mistakes video and download the resource. You can also download our free Health Inspection Guide for a full look at pest management's role in your next health inspector's visit.

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