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Orkin® VitalClean® Brings Customers A Powerful Disinfectant Treatment

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You care about your team’s well-being, and during cold and flu season, you want to avoid the disruptions of having multiple team members out sick. Implementing measures that help mitigate the transmission of bacteria and viruses will help keep operations running smoothly while demonstrating your commitment to the health of your employees and customers.

Let us take managing heightened workplace sanitation off your to-do list. With our Orkin® VitalClean® service, Orkin Pros expertly apply a powerful, eco-friendly disinfectant to your workplace surfaces, providing you with next-level clean.

Why VitalClean?

  • A proven disinfectant you can trust. Orkin VitalClean uses an EPA-registered disinfectant labeled for use against a wide variety of pathogens, including viruses that cause the flu and common cold. The disinfectant has been tested and proven to kill SARS-CoV-2—the coronavirus that causes COVID-19—on hard, non-porous surfaces.

  • Kills 100% of bacteria and viruses on hard surfaces. When applied at full strength in accordance with the product label, this powerful disinfectant will kill 100% of bacteria and viruses listed on the label on hard, non-porous surfaces and will also sanitize soft, porous surfaces.

  • Eco-friendly and low toxicity. The disinfectant is rated by the EPA as Toxicity Category IV, their lowest toxicity rating, defined as “practically non-toxic and not an irritant.” For foodservice facilities, there’s no need to wash/rinse the area with water after an application.

  • Get the confidence of a deeper clean. You can feel confident in your decision when you choose VitalClean—backed by the same level of reliability and performance you know and trust from Orkin. And, our Pros are highly trained to minimize business disruptions and deliver the gold standard in customer service.

How Treatment Works

  • Step 1: Customers should clean the targeted treatment zones so the cleaning service has maximum impact. This includes removing dust and dirt, and removing or storing any paper, exposed food or other items that might be damaged from contact with a liquid mist.

  • Step 2: Trained Pros will carefully wipe down all high-touch surfaces, applying a misting application using specialized equipment.

  • Step 3: Let the cleaning agent dry undisturbed for 10 minutes.

Orkin VitalClean helps you maintain business as usual during cold and flu season by helping protect your employees and customers from illnesses caused by viruses and bacteria. When it comes to helping your employees and customers feel confident in your health and safety measures, trust the national leader in pest control.

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