Pest Control Safety Measures

Orkin’s Pest Control Safety Measures During COVID-19

As an essential service, pest control has played a vital role in helping protect public health and the food supply during the COVID-19 pandemic. While there’s no evidence linking pests to the spread of COVID-19, pests still transmit a variety of diseases such as encephalitis, Lyme disease and West Nile virus. And even if your business is currently closed, it is still at risk of pest infestations.

While you focus on running your business, Orkin will continue to help safely defend your establishment against pests and the diseases they spread. Our COVID-19 taskforce is monitoring and assessing the pandemic on an ongoing basis, and following the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Orkin’s service teams are also taking extra precautions to help protect our employees, customers and the communities we serve.

Protecting Our Employees

Orkin has robust policies and practices that help keep our employees safe while continuing to provide service, including:

  • Implementing employee travel bans to limit the exposure to and spread of COVID-19
  • Wearing proper personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Sanitizing vehicles and equipment regularly
  • Updating employees on new health and safety guidelines as changes occur

Providing Safe Customer Service

Our customers’ health and safety is our top priority, so we’re taking the following safety measures when performing any services where customers or the general public are nearby:

  • Maintaining a social distance of no less than 6 feet
  • Wearing masks, gloves and disposable shoe covers (if performing services indoors)
  • Washing hands with soap and water frequently, including immediately before and after service
  • Offering a “no-sign” option for completed service tickets

Hesitant about interior service during the pandemic? We can still service your building’s exterior to help keep pests out. This includes a comprehensive inspection of your exterior, sealing of pest entry points and preventive perimeter treatments for crawling pests. In addition to these safety measures, we’re also conducting service meetings remotely via conference calls (phone or video).

For customers ready to get back to business, our VitalClean™ disinfection service can help you maintain a sanitary environment and give your patrons peace of mind.

During this a stressful time, our service teams can make adjustments to your service to help you operate as smoothly as possible with few worries. Pest control may not be the top priority you’re tackling right now, but that’s why we’re here. Let us continue to help protect your business from pests and the public health threats they pose so you can focus on what matters most.  

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