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Outsourcing Pest Control

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Question: My company previously handled pest control in house, but now we are looking to outsource it. How can I make sure I choose the right provider for my pest control program?

Answer: Choosing the right pest management provider is critical to protecting your business and ensuring the safety of your customers, employees and guests. Given the specialized knowledge required for proper pest control, take the time to research and interview potential pest management partners before making a decision.

Here are some things to consider as you search for the right provider for your pest control needs:

  1. Solicit recommendations from reliable industry colleagues.

  2. Ask the following questions:

    • Does the provider specialize in commercial pest control and offer an IPM program that’s tailored to my business’s needs?

    • What other companies do they service?

    • Are the provider’s technicians licensed and/or certified by appropriate agencies?

    • How does the provider address quality assurance? Do they have a service guarantee?

    • What is the average response-time in the event of a pest-related emergency? Is there an extra charge associated with this?

    • Does the provider offer professional training for my employees?

    • Are they covered by liability insurance?

  3. Invite the providers on your short list to tour your facility. Then, identify specific pests that must be included in the contract.

  4. Ask about any additional charges that may be incurred when extra services are needed.

  5. Discuss and define the respective roles of the provider and of your team. Make sure the proposal and service agreement outline these roles clearly.

  6. Be ready to commit to a cooperative IPM partnership between you, your staff and your pest management provider.


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