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The 5 Most Common Cockroaches in Commercial Environments

Cockroach Closeup

With their claim to fame as the world’s most resilient pest, cockroaches are one of the most common and stubborn pests to manage. Once inside they can multiply quickly, spread dozens of pathogens and hide in virtually any area of your business.

Before crossing cockroaches off your pest checklist, you need to know which types might be wreaking havoc on your business. With more than 4,000 cockroach species, it might be hard to keep up. But luckily you can narrow your focus to five main cockroach species that might be scuttling through your facility (to learn more about these crafty cockroaches and the risks they pose, download our report, Cockroach Chronicles: Your Guide to the World’s Most Resilient Pest):

  • American cockroach — The American cockroach is the largest infesting species and is commonly found outdoors in trees, underneath mulch and drain pipes. They prefer warm weather, so once inside, you are likely to find this roach seeking refuge under fixtures in kitchens, bathrooms and supply or equipment closets to find warmth.

  • Brown-banded cockroach — Measuring ½ an inch long on average, this is one of the smallest cockroaches and is known for its two distinctive brown bands covering its wings and abdomen. Usually brought indoors in infested materials, these little guys prefer warmer conditions and feed on books, glue, hair and even fingernails.

  • German cockroach — Capable of producing “musty” odors, German cockroaches release pheromones that can trigger allergies in people and have been directly tied to the development of asthma in some cases. While they do have wings, these critters prefer ground travel.

  • Oriental cockroach — Black, greasy and slimy, it’s only right that they hide out in the deep, dark depths of your business, traveling through pipes and drains. Oriental cockroaches carry many foodborne pathogens, transmitting these harmful bacteria to surfaces via their legs and bodies.

  • Smokybrown cockroach — From North Carolina to California, these expert travelers have been spotted all over the U.S. looking for protected, warm areas to set up camp. Unlike most of their conspicuous cockroach cousins, these winged roaches actually use their wings for flying and are drawn inside by interior lights.

No cockroach has a place in your business, and the destruction they can cause is a risk you don’t want to take. For more information on these cockroaches that can target your commercial facilities, download our free guide to cockroaches.


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