Northwestern University and Orkin: Dedicated to Excellence in Their Fields

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Northwestern University is committed to excellence in teaching, innovative research and the development of its students. As a leading research university with more than 100 research centers, Northwestern is dedicated to making advances in neuroscience, nanotechnology, biotechnology and drug discovery.

The university partnered with Orkin in 1999 to help ensure its 25-acre Chicago campus stays protected against pests, while paying special attention to laboratories and other controlled environments. To hear more about their pest management program, we spoke with Giovanni Pompilio, supervisor at Northwestern University.

Why did you choose Orkin?

I’ve partnered with Orkin before at other facilities and was impressed with the level of documentation. It’s consistent and remains a top priority, which is important when you deal with frequent inspections.

Why is pest management so important on your campus?

Our university is centered on groundbreaking technology and research. Since vermin can be vectors capable of transmitting harmful pathogens, pest control is absolutely critical in a laboratory environment. Together, we work hard to create clean and controlled areas for performing tests and experiments.

How would you describe your partnership?

Orkin and Northwestern have established an excellent working relationship. Addressing potential pest issues is easy with open lines of communication, and I can count on my Orkin Pest Specialist to respond quickly any time I have a question.

What aspect of Orkin’s service is most valuable to you?

We’re both dedicated to science – with different areas of expertise. Orkin is able to properly identify any species of insect we may find. They quickly and effectively resolve the issue –explaining why the pests are there and how to eliminate their environment – and help prevent future pest issues from occurring.