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3 Ways Ants Endeavor to Outsmart You

Group of Ants on Wood

Ants can seem like a relatively small problem when it comes to operating your business, but don’t underestimate them due to their size. From transmitting pathogens to compromising structural integrity by building massive colonies within your facility, their tiny size is no indication of the great havoc ants can wreak. In fact, their small stature is one of several advantages ants have because it makes them that much more difficult for humans to help control.

If you suspect an ant infestation in your business or are simply looking for ways to prevent one, look no further than our Antcyclopedia, a quick reference guide to ant identification, attractants and prevention measures. But if you’re still not convinced these pests are cause for concern, here are 3 ant control challenges that show exactly how ants have the upper hand:

  • Ease of Entry – Ants range in size from 2 mm to 3-4 cm. Even with well-sealed exterior doors and windows, it doesn’t take much for ants to gain access and make themselves at home in your facility.

  • Population – If you’ve seen a few ants here and there in your business, don’t brush them off. These foragers are signs of a nest, and represent only 3-10% of the colony’s population. Ant colonies can range from hundreds to thousands of ants and can thrive for longer than a decade.

  • Social Organization – Ants are highly organized and have a social hierarchy that enables them to protect the queen and adapt in the face of new circumstances. It’s this resilience that has allowed ants to flourish for about 100 million years.

Want to know 2 more ways that ants might be trying to get the best of you? Get a big advantage over these tiny pests when you download our free Antcyclopedia.


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