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Must-Ask Questions to Help Strengthen Your Ant Defense

Orkin Pro Consulting Property Manager

If ants are marching through your property, you better believe they are ready to go to war. With colonies that can number into the hundreds of thousands of ants, these tiny pests are tough to defeat. (Learn even the smallest details about ants by downloading our free Antcyclopedia).

When you call a pest control provider to fight the battle on your behalf, it’s important to make sure they are equipped to complete the task. In anticipation of your next meeting, ask your pest control provider these questions:

  1. What ant species are on the property?

    Different ants behave differently. They might establish their nest under mulch, eat sugary sweets and invade after it rains. Or, they might build anthills above ground, prefer meat and sting when bothered. After identifying the ant species, your pest control provider can create a customized solution that takes the ants’ habitat, behavior and diet into account.

  2. Where are they coming from?

    To help stop ants, your pest control provider needs to find what’s attracting them, how they’re getting in and where they’re nesting. By following the trail of ants, you can connect the dots between the source of food and the source of the ants. Along the way, you’ll see how the ants are getting inside – whether it’s a crack in a door or a hole in a window screen.

  3. How are you keeping track of ant activity?

    Documentation is essential – without it, you’re flying blind. Your pest management provider should record the factors that may be attracting ants (like moisture), the signs of invasion (like structural damage) and where ants are present on the property. They also should document their efforts – so you can monitor what’s working and what isn’t, and so they can adjust the plan as needed.

  4. What can I do to help prevent pest activity?

    Your pest management provider should recommend steps you can take to help alleviate the current ant problem and help prevent new issues in the future. A stringent sanitation plan, regular maintenance schedule and tough exclusion techniques are the strongest assets to your Integrated Pest Management plan.

By asking these questions, you can start a conversation with your pest management provider and develop a winning strategy for keeping ants off your property. To learn more about the ants that might be a mini-menace to you, download our free Antcyclopedia.


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