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Pest Management Tips for your Green Roofs and More

On a beautiful day, having a yard where you can relax is ideal. But many apartments don’t have the convenience of extra green space in front of or behind buildings. So where do these properties offer lush greenery, flowers and trees for their residents? On the roof!

Green roofs are a popular trend for multifamily property buildings because they are appealing amenities and offer ecological benefits. However, they can also increase pest pressures, which is a key concern for multifamily property managers. The good news? There are a few easy pest management tips property managers can follow to help keep pest activity to a minimum:

  • Seal gaps, pipes and fixtures with water-resistant sealant, and caulk around utility connections and outlets.
  • Close gaps around and under doors by installing door sweeps and weather stripping.
  • Install, repair and replace vent and window screens.
  • Minimize excess water around leaky taps, HVAC units and irrigation by fixing drainage blockages and repairing leaks and other moisture sources.
  • Avoid overwatering plants and eliminate water accumulation, especially near the pool if you have one on your roof.
  • Encourage your residents to dispose of trash and bottles in appropriate bins, and ensure your recycling and garbage management vendors empty and line receptacles regularly.
  • Talk to your pest management provider about vegetation to avoid to help reduce pest activity.

Pest problems will not go away immediately, so implementing an Integrated Pest Management (IMP) plan is critical to maintaining clean and pest-free properties. Check out our green roof tip sheet for information on green roofs pests and the threats they pose.

Education about these topics and effective Integrated Pest Management (IPM) will help ensure that your residents and staff are taking the necessary steps to stop pest invasion. Read this blog for the top things you wish your residents knew about pest control).

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