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7 Ways Your Residents Can Help Keep Pests Out of the Kitchen

What area of an apartment is most likely to attract pests? Well, pests enjoy pizza, popcorn and pasta as much as your residents do, so the kitchen is a top contender.

Orkin Pro Checking A Kitchen

Orkin Pro Checking A Kitchen

You’ll never know when residents leave dirty dishes in the kitchen sink or mounds of trash in their trash bin. These unclean and unsanitary habits can attract unwanted pests at your property and can lead to issues in neighboring units as well. Maintaining a clean and tidy environment is everyone’s responsibility, especially when pests make your space their home – without paying the rent.Ants, house flies, rodents, cockroaches and other pests are attracted to apartments and condominiums for easy access to food, water and shelter. Their keen sense of smell allows these pests to pick up food odors undetectable to us.

Help prevent regular calls to your pest management provider by encouraging your residents to stop pest activity in the first place – it’ll only take them a few extra minutes a day.

Share these simple steps for reducing pest “hot spots”:

  • Put food away and clean dirty dishes – even food that has been sitting out for just a few hours can attract pests.

  • Wipe down counters and other surface areas in the kitchen daily.

  • Clean any spills immediately, even if it is just water.

  • Line all trash cans and remove trash regularly – what is trash to us could be a gourmet meal to a pest!

  • Clean refrigerators weekly and dispose of old food.

  • Keep non-perishables tightly sealed, especially sugar, flour and other items that may not close well in their original packaging.

  • Regularly vacuum or sweep in the spaces next to refrigerators and in any cracks and crevices to clean crumbs that may attract pests. Vacuuming can also eliminate pest allergens and even pests themselves.

If your residents follow these simple steps, they can help keep pests far from your property. For more tips on pest prevention, check out the 6 Things You Wish Your Residents Knew About Pest Control.


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