Three Rodent Threats That Bite into Business

Threats of Mice and Rodents

Rodents can scurry, climb, squeeze – and even swim! – into your business. Unlike Mickey Mouse, these pests aren’t here to cheer you up. From structural damage and product contamination to a ruined reputation, these dirty and resilient vermin can really take a bite into your bottom line. (To learn why we recommend avoiding rodents at your business, download our free report on rodents and rodent control.)

Wary of their surroundings and cautious of traps, rodents can be difficult to remove. If you suspect an infestation, you don’t want to turn a blind eye. Rodents reproduce at an alarming rate, so it won’t take long for a tiny mouse problem to turn into your worst nightmare.

Here are the biggest threats rodents can pose to your business:

1. Lost Reputation

It’s no secret that a rodent sighting would be bad for business. In the age of the Internet, it won’t take long for someone to rat you out and news to spread. (For example, our research shows that 56% of restaurant diners that see a pest are likely to write a negative review, post on social media or blog about the experience.) Rodent sightings and activity can also result in low health inspection scores and even a shutdown.

2. Property Damage

Getting tired of the daily grind? Not rodents. Rats and mice spend about 30 minutes a day grinding down their teeth – which never stop growing. In the process, they can chew through utility lines, electrical wires, support beams, sheet rock and doors. In addition to biting into your business, rodents can cause damage as they burrow under foundations and tunnel through walls and ceilings. And all this means you’ll have repairs on your hands that can be quite costly.

3. Health Concerns

Rodents can spread disease through their droppings, saliva, urine and blood. That’s a lot of contamination for a pest that can leave behind 50 pellets per day and is known to transmit 35 different diseases. And that’s not all. Dried rodent feces can break apart and release harmful particles into the air. From food poisoning to Hantavirus, rats and mice are truly sickening.

To learn how you can prevent rats and mice from scurrying into your business in the first place, download our free guide.


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