Termite Control

Operate on a solid foundation.

Termites are experts at undermining your business. They feed on cellulose, including structural timbers, flooring, doors and doorframes, window trim, and even pieces of furniture. Orkin’s custom Termite Control programs help provide ongoing protection to address any current termite activity and help prevent future infestations.

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Subterranean termites may be small, but the cost of an infestation can be huge, especially for large structures. Expansive floor space may hold more than just merchandise – a 50,000-square-foot lot can support multiple colonies, each of which may contain up to a million termites.

You need cost-efficient solutions that work quickly. That's why Orkin offers a subterranean termite service tailored to the specific needs of large commercial structures. With some of the most advanced equipment and one of the best training programs in the industry, Orkin Termite Specialists are the most qualified to help protect your business.

Why You Need Orkin Termite Protection

More Than a Disruption

  • Financial Impact – Termites can eat away your profits by causing significant damage to structures, raw materials and inventory. A termite infestation could also disrupt operations, costing you customers and considerable lost revenue if your business is closed for treatment.
  • Constant Risk – Termites can quickly adapt to changing environments. Major systems, such as plumbing, often can allow termites to live in the adjacent soil year-round.
  • Unseen Threat – Termites cannot always be seen because they feed undetected. Termite workers can attack the wood from the inside out. Infestations can go undiscovered until the wood is almost completely destroyed – at which point the cost to repair or replace the damage can be devastating.

Orkin Commercial Services: Termite Control Guarantee

  • Re-treat and Repair Guarantee

    If termites return and damage your property after treatment, we’ll re-treat and, depending on your agreement, repair the damage at no additional charge. Plus, this guarantee won’t be canceled by Orkin for the length of the agreed upon initial term as long as you meet your client obligations.

  • Money Back Guarantee

    Orkin’s Termite Control program provides you with effective, ongoing termite protection for peace of mind now and in the future. If you’re not completely satisfied, we guarantee to refund your initial treatment charge and any prepaid renewal.