3 Devices to Help Keep Pests Out of Your Manufacturing Facility

Flying and crawling pests have no trouble using the same doors or openings that you and your shipments go through each day. But being equipped with the proper tools to help fight off pests can make it easier for a facility to manage who—or what—gets inside.

Consider installing the devices below to efficiently and effectively help keep pests out. For more, download our Preventive Maintenance Schedule.

  1. Door Closers: These mechanical devices automatically close your doors. You’ll want to ensure the door is closing tightly and is closing at the right speed.
  2. Dock Plates: Dock plates act as a ramp to allow easier transportation of lighter product loads into your facility. Make sure each dock plate is fitted tightly in place and there are no visible gaps between it and the vehicle or facility floor.
  3. Dock Levelers: Dock levelers act as a bridge to directly close the difference in height and distance between a truck and the loading dock of your facility for heavy loads. Make sure brush bristles underneath them are in good condition and properly sealing to close the gap for pests.

While these devices help keep pests at bay, there are many other methods you can use in combination with them to help win the fight against pests at your facility once and for all. Download our free Preventive Maintenance Schedule to learn how you can proactively protect your facility from persistent pests.

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